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Sustainability content that generates leads.

My work has helped my clients rank highly for competitive keywords, cultivate an array of shareable content, and connect with their audience at all stages of the buyer’s journey. Check out some of my highlights below.

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Ongoing projects
Sustainability blogs & articles
Top-ranking articles

Ongoing projects

TONTOTON Blog Writing

I write sustainability-centered B2B blog posts as requested (usually 2 – 4 blogs per month). I produce the topic and post based on a target keyword provided by the client.

  • Audience: Sustainability-minded businesses who wish to take responsibility for their plastic footprint.
  • Goal: Produce blog content to build authority through backlinks, rank for certain keywords, and increase traffic.
  • Results: Competitive ranking for keywords like “plastic footprint,” “circular economy benefits,” and more. Each blog has also earned a handful of backlinks, improving TONTOTON’s web authority.



Project Type

Blog writing


Cultivated a wide selection of competitive blog posts. Gained the attention of entities like the World Economic Forum.

Bk-Bags Blog Writing

I write blog posts surrounding the topic of plastic waste management and reusable bags. I produce posts based on keywords provided by the client as requested (around 1 – 2 times per month).

  • Audience: Businesses (mostly retailers) looking to offer reusable bags to their customers.
  • Goal: Produce blog content per Bk-bags’ established content strategy.
  • Results: Cultivated a selection of blog posts per the client’s request. Ranking posts have earned one or two backlinks in order to build authority.



Project Type

Blog writing


Cultivated a wide selection of competitive blog posts.

NeilMed Blog Management

I write and manage the blog for NeilMed Piercing Aftercare. This includes keyword research, blog design, on-page optimization, and content calendar. I work closely with a piercing professional to ensure accurate information.

  • Audience: Pierced people, especially those with new piercings.
  • Goal: Produce strategized blog content that builds authority, increases organic traffic, and ranks for certain keywords.
  • Results: Top-five ranking for long-tail keywords like, “multiple piercings at once,” and “”. Increased daily traffic by 33%. Associated social media content sees consistent engagement by hundreds of followers.


NeilMed Piercing Aftercare

Project Type

Blog management


Increased their daily traffic by 33%.

FreshTrends Blog Writer

I write piercing-related blog posts following the keywords set forth by their team. My responsibilities include brainstorming blog topics, outlining each article, finding associated photos, and adding meta descriptions, alt text, and other optimization.

  • Audience: Pierced people looking for fine jewelry to decorate their alternative fashion styles.
  • Goal: Cultivate a plethora of optimized blog posts that competitively rank and build authority through earned backlinks.
  • Results: Competitive ranking for keywords like, “piercing scars,” “least painful piercings,” and “best facial piercings.


FreshTrends Body Piercing Jewelry

Project Type

Blog Writing


Cultivated over 100 blogs that receive over 1,000 daily views. Top-five ranking for high-competition keywords.

Blog & article writing

Sustainability blogs & articles

While appearing at the top of a SERP is a major goal of content marketing, it’s not the only objective. Cultivating content allows you to communicate with your customers in a unique way, become an educational leader within your industry, and establish your company as an authoritative presence. That’s why my writing goes beyond SEO; my writing helps elevate your brand. Here are some of my favorite sustainability blogs and articles that I’ve written.

Note: I am not responsible for the page design or appearance of published articles, as I leave that up to my clients. Because of this and final edits that the clients might make that are outside of my control, I have also included my original PDF files below the published piece.

Top-ranking articles

If your goal is to reach top SERP ranking, I’ve got you. My work ranks competitively against high-trafficked sites like Allure or Insider, and I optimize for both high- and low-competition keywords depending on your website’s current standing. Check out some of my high-ranking articles and blogs below.

The Tragus Piercing: Everything You Need to Know

  • Ranks #6 for “tragus piercing” keyword
  • “Tragus piercing” is a high-competition keyword with 110,000 monthly searches.
  • Competes with high-traffic websites like Allure, Byrdie, and Insider
  • Has 72 backlinks
tragus piercing article position ranking results

Plastic footprint keyword ranking, number 8

Your Plastic Footprint: What It Is and How to Reduce It

  • Ranks #8 for “plastic footprint” keyword
  • “Plastic footprint” is a low-competition keyword with 90 monthly searches
  • Has 10 backlinks
  • “Plastic footprint” was a major target keyword in the client’s content strategy

5 Benefits of a Circular Economy

  • Ranks #5 for “circular economy benefits”
  • “Circular economy benefits” has 110 monthly searches
  • Has 8 backlinks
Circular economy benefits SERPs position TONTOTON article
septum piercing SERP position #5 for client FreshTrends

The Septum Piercing: Pain, Healing, Cost, and Septum Rings

  • Ranks #5 for “septum piercing” keyword
  • “Septum piercing” has 301,000 monthly searches
  • Competes with high-traffic pages like Byrdie and Elle
  • Has 50 backlinks

Ghostwritten work

I produce blogs and articles under my clients’ names that can then be submitted to different publications and websites to build trust, authority, and backlinks. Because I am writing under my clients’ names, I do not publish my ghostwritten work to my site, however, if you are interested in this service, please reach out, and I will send you samples privately.

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