What Should I Post Next? 10 Content Ideas for Your Website and Social Media Pages

Even the best of us fall victim to writer’s block. After you’ve built a bunch of content, it sometimes feels impossible to come up with great ideas.

But, you can’t let writer’s block keep you from consistent updates. If you’re currently sitting in front of your computer at a loss for what to post, here are some ideas to help jumpstart your imagination.

Ask and answer a question

A great example of this is the title of this very post!

With the advent of voice recognition, full question queries in Google are becoming more popular than keyword searches of the past. Therefore, asking and answering common questions can be a great way to provide you with a solid content idea while ensuring that your content is searchable.

When you answer a question, you want to make sure that it’s something people are actually asking and not just what you think they want to know. Check out Facebook groups to see common questions that people ask about your field. Use the “People also ask” section of Google to find common questions and the way people are phrasing them. Reach out to your customer service team to see what some frequently asked questions are.

Explore trending hashtags

Trends on social media help content writers get a feel for what people are interested in right now. While many of these interests will be short-lived (they’re called trends for a reason), if you create content surrounding these trends, then this content is more likely to be shared in the moment. This serves to widen your audience as well as boost your SEO.

Help your own content to trend by addressing trending topics.

This strategy isn’t ideal for anchor content, but it can be fantastic for something like a weekly blog, newsletter, or social media post.

Rehash an old posting

When in doubt, you can revisit something that you posted years ago and rework it.

For example, you can take an old, successful video and turn it into a blog post. Or, simply rewrite and repost an old blog post. Likely, you’ve made some audience changes over the years, and often your voice adjusts with time. Reworking an old post allows you to keep all of your content up to date while ensuring that you’re consistently posting.

Host a competition on social media

User-generated content is a dream for content marketers. When your followers create content for you, then they’re doing the job that you’re paid to do. Is there anything better?

girl taking a selfie
User-generated content can be a lifesaver when it comes to content marketing.

Cultivate that user-generated content by holding a social media competition. Have your followers tag your company in a photo (preferably while using your product), enter participants in a drawing, and offer a reward to the winner. This will boost your social media engagement, encourage new audience members to follow your pages, and it allows others to create content for you.

Interview a customer

You can talk all day about how great your product is, but your audience will take that with a grain of salt. Of course you think your product is fantastic, but what do real-life customers think?

Ask a happy customer if they’d be willing to do an interview. That way, you get to prove to potential customers that your product or service is as great as you promise, and the customer you interview will probably be pretty stoked to be featured on your site. Win-win!

Interview your employees

People love when they can see the faces behind a company. Think about it: would you rather support a company who treats their employees well or terribly?

radio interview
Give your followers an insider’s view of what your company is all about.

Give your audience a glimpse behind the scenes and show them the people who work for you. If nothing else, it will help to show future applicants your company’s working environment and entice high-level talent.

Poll your followers

What better way to know what people want to hear about than to ask them? Reach out to your social media followers to see what topics they want you to tackle. Not only will you get ideas that you might not have thought about, you’ll show your audience that you care about what they need, and you might even build enough content ideas to last for a while.

Find a guest blogger

Backlinks are an important piece of SEO. A great, ethical way to garner backlinks is to trade content through guest posting.

person typing on computer
Can’t think of a blog idea? Find a guest blogger who can!

Negotiate a deal with another blogger within your industry to create a guest post for each other’s sites. This will show your audience that you have relationships within the industry, it will offer your audience meaningful content that you might not have thought about, and it will allow you to introduce yourself and your company to a new audience on the other person’s website.

Don’t be afraid to explore topics beyond your industry

Remember, while generating sales is the ultimate goal of content marketing, the main goal is to build an audience. This means that you shouldn’t be afraid to cover topics that might not be directly involved in your industry.

For example, if you sell body jewelry online, then you could also talk about tattoos, since body piercings and tattoos often go hand-in-hand. Or, if you make and sell beautiful frames, you can cover topics in photography and painting, since those are the types of pieces that will fill your frames. And so on.

Be careful not to go too far beyond what your audience enjoys reading. You should only begin exploring new topics once you have a strong feel for the pulse of your audience and the types of content they enjoy. If you step too far away, you risk alienating your audience.

Check out what your competition is posting

If you’re still at a loss, check out what your competition is posting and do something similar. You always want to make it your own (never copy what they’re doing), but all art is inspired by something else. Taking a look at your competition can be just what you need to spur some creativity.

One of the most difficult parts of content marketing is coming up with unique ideas. After posting weekly in multiple places, your mind is going to go blank eventually. Turn to your audience and competitors to open your mind to new ideas, and you should feel the spark of inspiration returning.

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