What Is a Content Creator?

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Content, content, content. It seems as though this is all anyone is talking about when it comes to digital marketing strategy. “You need to make sure that you’re offering consistently updated, consumable content.”

But, the terms “content” and “content creator” are so vague. What do they even mean?

If you’re still a bit confused about this whole content marketing thing, I’m here to clear some things up. Here’s a quick guide to content creation and what exactly content creators do.

What is content?

Content is essentially anything that you create and post online. Whenever you update your status, share a picture, or even comment on a post, you’re creating some sort of web content.

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Digital content is essentially anything you consume online.

When we talk about content in terms of marketing, we’re talking about content that we create with a strategy in mind. It’s the same content—blogs, social media updates, comments—but the content we create reflects the company brand and is created for a target audience.

What does a content creator do?

As the name implies, a content creator simply creates and uploads content. A professional content creator will do this, but they’ll also come up with a strategy behind the content that they’re posting.

There are many different types of content creators. Some specialize in social media. Others create videos. Some, like me, write blogs and articles. Rarely do you find someone who specializes in all forms of content unless they are an agency with a large team. In fact, if someone approaches you, and they label themselves vaguely as a content creator, it’s a good sign that they’re a bit amateur.

Each type of content requires a specific skill set and different strategies. If one person claims that they’re an expert in all forms of content, they’re likely subpar in all categories. 

Can I become a content creator?

The short answer? Absolutely.

If you’ve ever posted anything online, then you’ve already dabbled in content creation.

woman writing in notebook
Simply take your existing talents and strategize them for building audiences.

However, if you want your content to work for you, you must learn how to create quality content that people love to consume, and you have to know how to strategize it.

Becoming an effective content creator takes time. You must develop your skills in whichever type of content that you want to focus on, and you need to have a feel for the content that your target audience enjoys. Even if you’re super talented already, it still takes time to know your audience well enough to anticipate the content that they’re going to want to consume. 

Should I hire a content creator for my business?

In the digital age, quality online content is key. More and more people prefer to research products and companies before they make a purchase, and this fact isn’t going to change anytime soon. If you aren’t creating content, then you will be left behind.

That being said, it is possible to create your own content for your business. However, you need to put in the time and energy to strategize that content.

To start, choose one form of content that you want to improve. This can be your social media channels, your company blog, or whatever type of content that you’re most comfortable producing. 

two women working together
If creative fields aren’t your forte, then hiring a professional can completely transform your online presence.

Once you’ve decided the content that you want to focus on, you need to start strategizing your posts. Come up with a posting schedule. Check analytics to see which topics garner the most clicks and engagement. Adjust your content depending on what resonates with your audience. 

You may find that keeping up with content creation is too big of a task for you alone. If this is the case, consider hiring a content creator to take care of your content for you. You can either hire an agency or cultivate your own team of content creators. That way, your content is out of your hair, but your audience can continue to grow.

Looking for someone to grow your blog audience? Let’s chat about my blog management packages.

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